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  Zibar Z-Com Special Forces Vehicle: Israel's answer to V22 ITV requirements



(Photos and text: Jeepolog.com)

Ido Cohen, famed off-road racer and fabricator from Pardes Hanna, Israel, has teamed up with Can-Am to build Z-Com, a 4 seat highly manuvarable, internally transportable vahicle for the next generation of special operations based on the V22 Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft.

The first prototype, revealed in these exclusive photos, has been designed, built and tested within a few weeks, to meet it's deadline presentation in last week's ISDEF 2013 defense show in Tel-Aviv. The prototype is based on the commercial Commander 1000, a two-seat, side-by-side recreational vehicle by Can-Am. The vehicles chassis has been lengthened by some 70 centimeters (27 inches) to provide ample legroom for two rear seat passengers.

The required payload (some 1,000 lbs.) can be stowed in the extra-large, retractable cargo compartment. In order to fit the required length and height limitations imposed by the aircraft  a clever collapsible roll-cage has been devised, folding over the cargo bin in it's retracted position. 























Z-Com is drivable in the fully collpased configuration for quick egress from the transporting aircraft, and can be "unfolded" to full seating capacity within seconds, using only three quick-release locking pins. Mechanically, no major modifications were required. The Commander 1000 has an excellent power-to-weight ration as standard, so that the additional weight is well borne by the chassis, and performance is definately still sporting! the longer wheelbase is a welcome addition, promoting stability and safety.

Test driving the Z-Com with Mr. Cohen in the back-country surounding his rural workshop has, as allways, provided an impressive experience. The vehicle, loaded with hundreds of pounds of ballast, is extermely quick, manouvarable, and capable of  climbing and dropping of impressive inclines, preserving the good manners and ease of drivability, a hall-mark of Can-Am's Commander 1000 UTV. We are looking forward to following this fascinating Canadian-Israely joint venture and the combat vehicle it will evolve into.

For additional information, visit www.zibarusa.com







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