צפייה בגרסה מלאה : שלום isuzu ידידים (אמריקאי שלא קורא עברית ת מבקש תמונות ומידע על הטרופרים בישראל)

31-12-06, 07:40
שלום אני ', מ america אני לא יכול לדבר עברית אני חייב לתרגם מאמריקאי.אני גם נהג של יסאזא

אני אוהב את המכוניות שלך, יש לך יותר דימינתי?

הצטער לתרגום הרע

זה תמונה מהמכונית שלי


31-12-06, 09:00
You can write in English, no problem we can read it.

You can read hebrew? or are you using something to translate?

anyways welcome!

31-12-06, 09:18
Ok cool.
I can't read hebrew, I was tring to translate .
Anyway I just wanted to tell you guys that you have some really nice trucks
Is there a gallary for pictures?
I'd love to see more

this is a very nice trooper!!
We only got the swb troopers in America for two years 89 and 93.
I wish we had newer ones like this


31-12-06, 09:29
Theres a readers rides section down the board, you can see it as it's called readers rides... :lol:

However it is not vehicle specific, and not many Isuzu's.

as in the states, here also - Jeeps rule!

I'm sure the Isuzu guys will post pics of their rigs here, I'll change the head of this thread to ask them.

31-12-06, 09:37
Hey thanks
can you post a link to the readers rides?
I can't seem to find it.

I do like jeeps.
I used to have a cj7
my friend has a xj :smile:


31-12-06, 09:40


BTW please post a link to the tranlator you are using, it would be funny to see what our BS traslates to in english...

31-12-06, 09:55
Hey thanks
Here is the link, I had to download the free trial to get it to work
It translates ok, but there are alot of words that don't translate that well..

translater (http://www.babylon.com/affiliates/landing/index.php?id=10588&WT.srch=1&gclid=CK72pKGcvIkCFQlQWAodbVgB_g)

31-12-06, 15:30
Please give me your e-mail address and we will send you Trooper pictures
(in action !)
sending pictures via the forum is a litle problematic because there is a size limmitation.

What improvements
did you made in addition to the visible ones?

31-12-06, 19:00
Hey thanks
my email is onebadtrooper@yahoo.com

For now, my trooper has

three inch suspention lift add-a-leafs and longer shackles.
I also have a 3" bodylift. I'm going to remove that when I put on a straight axle.
I've got 5.38 differentel gears
and teralow 3.07 transfer case gears
locked in the rear axle.

home made bumpers
My trooper has about 300,000 miles on it, so an engine swap is going to happen soon.
I'm thinking of a v8. :mrgreen:

my entire family has isuzu's the two troopers are mine. :mrgreen:


31-12-06, 19:28
where are you at?
That last pic looks like anywhere in N.Texas

31-12-06, 19:37
small world.
I'm in arlington. :mrgreen:

31-12-06, 21:21
Cool, welcome to the site
If you need any help with the site fetures just ask,
and dont count on the online translators, They dont work as well as you hope they do.

If you are bored, feel free to come on over for a visit and check out my junk..