צפייה בגרסה מלאה : פילטר שמן גיר מחליפים? מתי?

12-07-10, 21:47
שלום אנשים אז מה הסיפור של הפילטר שמן גיר ? בטיפול האחרון בפראדו 02 הוחלף השמן גיר טיפול 240000 טיפול גדול וכששאלתי מה עם הפילטר אמרו לי שלא מחליפים שרק בפעמים נדירות מה שמענין שגם ברכב הקודם שלי gvיצא לי להחליף שמן גיר וגם אמרו לי כך שרק אז חשבתי שזה מעצלות בקיצור האם גם בטויוטה עצלנים או שזה באמת כך תודה

28-07-10, 14:54
בחיפושי אינפורמציה אחרת, נתקלתי בזה. אולי יסייע..למישהו

Tutorial - Removing driveshaft & gearbox oil change *

While I was doing my timing belt, I also swapped out a driveshaft and changed box oil, so here's another tutorial for the people:

Known tools:
-30mm socket
-19mm socket
-19mm spanner
-breaker bar
-decent hammer
-decent punch
-Unknown size socket for gearbox drain and refil plug (apparently 22mm I read on here somewhere but thats NOT true at all, more likely 24mm)
-17mm socket for top of gearbox plug

-First, usual stuff, slacken passenger wheel bolts. jack up car and remove passenger wheel and splash guard on the bottom of the bumper, again no pics as it's very obvious stuff http://www.toyotagtturbo.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

So you want to remove the driveshaft, you need to drain the gear box oil first, as would rather drain it semi controlled than just let is piss out when you remove the shaft! I will also start with the box oil just to get that out the way first.

Gearbox Oil Info

-Drain the box oil from here(unknown size, but a 24mm did work kind of):

-To refil you need to take out the refil level bolt, located here:
Note- I couldn't get it off so never bothered lol but I am a rock cunt sometimes

-Refilling the box oil you undo the 17mm nut on the top of the gearbox until oil seeps out of the level plug
Note - I didn't, due to being unable to remove the level plug so I just put in 2.5 litres of box oil to be safe.

Driveshaft Info

-Then you should be left with this:
little note here, I think there is a split pin in the driveshaft, although mine didn't have, so that must be removed. And remove the odd star kind of shaped thing that covers the driveshaft nut:

-Next either put it in gear or more usefull is get someone to stand on the brake pedal then undo the 30mm nut that holds the driveshaft tight against the hub. Use the breaker bar and 30mm socket.

-Undo the 19mm bolts that hold the strut to the hub, shown here:

-Once that is undone, give the driveshaft a little chap with the hammer inwards towards the box, that will help free it from the hub. and you should be able to remove the shaft from the hub and still have it connected to the box.

-Next take the hammer and punch and batter hit the driveshaft out of hte box. A good place to use to hit is here, jam the punch in and hit, obviously hitting it out of the box not in!:
this is why it's in the box so tightly, a little clip thing:

Evidence of where I was hitting it without the decent hammer:

Then once you have done all that refitting is just the reverse of removal.


** I don't mind people cutting and pasting this information - in fact I take it as flattery but I will make two small requests.

1. Copy the complete post and do not make inaccurate amendments.
2. Post a proper reference to your source of information (ie. THIS website: www.toyotagtturbo.com (http://www.toyotagtturbo.com/))