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    Dec 2010

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    German expedition truck for sell in Chile, December 2017

    The truck:
    Registered in Germany
    Mercedes Benz model 1117A 4x4, in a very good mechanical condition, we didnt face any problem so far
    On road 10/1995
    Engine Mercedes OM 366 turbocharger intercooler, 220 hp
    Gearbox: 12 + 2 (in low and high via central transfer gear), Central and rear differential locks
    The truck fully equipped 10,000 kg
    Air Condition
    Two air suspension seats and one fixed seat in the middle for a guest
    600 liters of diesel fuel divided in two tanks, average consumption of 4.6 km/liter. (11 MPG)
    4 Michelin 365/85r20 tires in very good condition + TPMS (air pressure and temp monitor)
    2 batteries 280 amp
    232,000 km on the odometer
    Many spare parts, tools, straps and whatever needed to be fully self-sufficient wherever you go
    This truck has no electronic systems
    Original truck books and a full record of services

    The living cabin
    Spacious and lightning cabin, reliable and robust conxtruction
    A cool box which was converted for living purpose in Germany in 2006
    Renewed in 2013
    Outside stainless steel makes it robust and 5 cm of foam for excellent insulation
    inside dimension: 510 cm long, 240 cm width and 213 cm high (for tall people)
    Outside dimension, 700 cm long, 250 cm width and 370 high, (without the spare tire)
    2 solar panels 360W
    6 side windows and one top window,
    4 sand-plates
    Refrigerator of 130 liters (24V)
    Freezer of 40 liters 24V/110V
    Gas/240V boiler for hot water
    Gas heater
    Gas oven
    2 flames gas for cooking + external cooking option
    Porcelain flush toilet
    Internal hot shower and external cold shower
    150 liters of gray and dark sewage tank
    360 liters of fresh water tank
    2 fresh water filters
    Water pump 24V
    Truma Air Condition 240V
    Permanent full size bed 200x140 + temporary bed for guest
    Fully equipped with blankets & linens, towels, all of the Kitchen materials, mosquito net, outdoor camping seats and table, lighting etc'
    Plenty of storage space

    General equipment:
    2 KV Honda silent generator (+jerry cans and electric cables)
    Stihl electric chainsaw
    4 x 150 Amp AGM battery pack (stores 300 amp 24V)
    Fully controlled charging system (solar panel + alternator + 110/240V from the grid)
    Inverter DC 24V to AC 240V (1,300W)
    2 converter DC 24V to 12V
    2 balloons of propane gas 11 kg each German system and 1 balloon of 9 kg Australian/American system
    Iridium satellite cellular device
    Samsung galaxy 8.4 inch tab for navigation
    2 mountain bikes with helmets
    Front video camera

    We are planning to sell the expedition truck in Chile, end of December 2017 as is, fully equipped as we are travelling (no extra expenses needed).

    We are an Israeli retired couple and for the last 4+ years we are exploring the world with this excellent expedition truck: Africa, Asia, Siberia, Mongolia, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and now we are exploring America north to South.

    Travelling is our style of life for this period of time, although we take a break once in a while to meet with our family and close friends.

    We believe that travelling for such a long period of time requires certain facilities which can create a home like feeling, a place that you really want to come back to.

    This truck and the cabin are reliable and robust, made for maximum flexibility on roads.

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